Scuba Diving Tolo

The more we dive the more beauties and interesting dive sites are added to the list of diving areas of our dive center !!!
From the early beginning of our diving center we collect information and stories about shipwrecks, submerged villages, caves and much more, including the famous Romvi Cave.
On Saturday July 2nd a group of friends and accredited divers went out to go nad find it.
After some time underwater and shortly before the expiry of the permitted residence time, we faced a beautiful sight!!!
A dark corridor into the rocks of Romvis unlimited colors and marine micro-life, led us to the entrance of that cavern that we had heard so.
Beautiful decor, the one that is flooded, and the part which is above the water surface, inside on the beautiful dome.
On the way back to the boat another pleasant surprise was waiting for us.
A huge and spotless arch on the right side, ideal to spend the time while making the required safety stop after each dive.
In a few days we will start filming, photographing and mapping the area, which, among other things, is offered to conduct quality education for the Cavern Diver Specialty course!!!

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