Agni Botzaki Square – Cretan Warrior Monument


Agni Botzaki Square – Cretan Warrior Monument

On the central street of Bouboulina, is the square of Tolo, named Botzaki square in honour of the teacher Agni Botzaki-Papazoglou. Born and raised in Smyrni of Asia Minor (current Turkey), she travelled by ship to Nafplion in 1922. She became the only teacher of the small school of Tolo and for approximately 35 years educated many generations of schoolkids.


In 1996 a monument honouringthe Cretan colonists was raised in the center of the square.

The following was carved on the plaque:

In honour of the Cretan warrior.

The descendants of the Cretan colonists, October 1996.

Royal decree of the 13th October 1834 (No. 16951)

  1. To be built by the harbour of Tolo a town by the name of Minoa.
  2. To be invited to live there the Cretans who are dispersed across this kingdom…

And a poem (loose translation):

God if only it would be possible,

to return to Crete,

to see again,

my paternal home


The square-park is located next to the public playground and the Primary school of Tolo. The Municipality of Nafplio placed the outdoor fitness equipment. The Tourism Association of Tolo together with the Cultural Association in 2015 took over the maintenance and upkeep of the park.

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