Safe swimming


Safe swimming


Summer is here for good and high temperatures have already appear. The following orders claim our safety while going swimming as well as avoiding accidents at sea.

So, we all remember that:

▶We protect ourselves from the sun. We always have with us sunglasses, hats and high protection index sun cream.

▶ We take care of our hydration. We always bring with us water, juices and hydration’s spray.

▶ We never go swimming alone.

▶ We never go swimming in regions we are not aware of the morphology and the depth of the bottom of the sea.

▶ We never dive in regions we are not aware of the morphology and the depth of the bottom of the sea or in an area with rocks and stones.

▶We always go swimming alongside with the sea and not vertical, so that we can reach the coast easily in case of an incident.

▶ If we don’t feel good (dizzy, having nausea)before or during our swimming we make sure that we reach the coast immediately.

▶ If we don’t know well how to swim, we don’t diverge from the coast. We always keep in mind that there is a returning as well, which is going to be more tiring for sure. We bring with us our arm floats, life guards, our floating bricks, anything that can keep us at the surface of the sea.

▶ If we get cramps while our swimming, we don’t panic. We try to relax the point of our cramp and by slow motions we reach the coast

▶ If we feel tired while swimming, we stop and stay at the surface of the sea in a horizontal position for a while. When we feel strong enough, we start again swimming.

▶ We make sure that at least 2-3 hours have passed since we had our last meal. Drinking alcohol is forbidden as well before we go swimming.

▶ We don’t go swimming at sea with strong wind currents, as well as at bad weather conditions.

▶ If the life guard raises the red flag, we get immediately out of the sea, because something dangerous is nearby.

▶ We never push or sink others at sea.

▶ Parents should always keep in mind that they must not force their children to go swimming or leave them alone while swimming. Using floating objects to keep children at the surface of the sea doesn’t replace parents’ care and supervision.

▶ At frequented beaches where the space for swimmers are demarcated, we always stay behind the limits and we never pass the floating marks, because by taking this choice we put ourselves at risk of injury by- sailing nearby- boats.

▶ In beaches where we can find businesses of leasing marine leisure facilities there is a sea channel for getting in and out of the sea of those means. That channel is being used absolutely for this aim and that’s why we must not pass through or swim there.

▶ On the other hand sea means of any kind are forbiddento reach the sea out of the channel where people are going swimming.

▶ If we are at a beach where there aren’t placed floating marks to separate the space for boats and that for swimmers, the distance that must be kept between motorized marine recreation facilities and swimmers must be at least 200 meters from the point which can be reached by a swimmer while swimming.


Due to the fact that summer is the best season for marine leisure facilities and playing at the beach:

▶ We are careful so as not to bother people around us or put their lives at risk, and in any case,we try to take appropriate precautions for that.

▶ While participating in any water sport we always bring with us the necessary equipment (lifeguards, jackets, helmets, etc.).


Don ’t forget about the rubbish:

After our sortie we keep in mind to gather all the junk and useless items from the beach. There are appropriate rubbish bins to throw them in every beach.


In case of an emergencycall any of the three digits ‘number below:

108 (Hellenic Coast Guard Operations Chamber)



▶ We call Nafplio Port Authority at 2752022974 and 2752027022.

▶ Call without hesitations, directly and responsibly.

▶ We are by your side anytime you need us. And keep in mind that we are not the only people who care about you.


Have a nice summer!

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