A few words

Vivari is a picturesque fishing village by the sea. Its inhabitants are occupied in agriculture, fishing and tourism.

A glimpse of the past
The bay of Vivari is a large natural harbour, a mooring place for boats of any kind. During the Venetian Domination it used to be the dockyard of the Venetians, whereof the remains of a Venetian castle are found in the village.

Local events
Every year, on the 20th of July, in honour of Prophet Elias, the village organizes a great traditional religious festival.

Vivari is famous for its fish taverns, and it’s certainly worth tasting traditional dishes by the sea, with a fantastic view of the Argolic Bay.

Local products
Vivari, being a fishing village, can offer delicious all fresh fish and seafood right from the fishing boats. From production to consumption!

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