Crazy games of action in Tolo Carnival


Veranstalter: Kulturverein von Tolo

Start Date: 26/02/2017

End Date: 26/02/2017

Start Time: 12:00

Crazy games of action in Tolo Carnival

Are you born a champion ? Or you are just bored with the rules of the normal sports?

We have the solution for you !

Crazy games of action wait for you on Sunday 26/02/17 at 12.00 at the Carnival of Tolo!!!

Train yourself , put your costume and participate to the following games:

Games for 1 player:

  • Running with pokes: Who is  going to arrive first at the finishing line jumping as a rabbit with his poke?


  • Where is the “loukoum”: Who is going to manage to be the first to find the “loukoum” , which is hiding under a pile of sugar , without using hands?



  • Boom and …falling : Running very fast  , we place down a balloon that we hold and…we sit on it! Who is going to be the first to pop the balloon ?


  • The fast spoon: Who can carry faster a small ball which is placed on a spoon ?

Team Games (make teams of 3 person)

  • Crazy Traveller: Three members of every team will show us how quick they can put and take out the clothes that they take with them in their journeys ?
  • Battle of shoes: How many pairs of shoes can a team gather? The battle with the thieves can be very tough….

You can sign in , on spot.

ATTENTION!!!! The games have no age limit. Harry up in order to sign!!!!!


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