One thing is certain; Ancient Epidaurus offers you pleasant moments of relaxation close to nature. Visitors feel the welcoming embrace as they are hosted through culture and art. It is the ideal holiday destination for all sorts of tourists, even those who are seeking alternative forms of tourism, as it provides a wide range of activities. The beaches offer many water sports including sailing, waterskiing and windsurfing. Epidaurus is especially suited for paragliding, also known as ‘parapente’, due to its favorable climate and terrain conditions. Paragliding pilots can enjoy their favorite sport by starting from the top of the hills and ending up on a nearby beach. In Epidaurus, visitors can stroll or cycle through the village while admiring the archaeological sites. You can follow the paths that lead to magnificent beaches, or wander into dense forests surrounding the village. Young children can also enjoy themselves at the playground, which is near the port. For the older crowd, there are sports facilities where you can play football, tennis volleyball and basketball. Amateur fishermen and hunters are given the chance to escape from their everyday routine and enjoy their hobby in nature.

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