Byzantine monuments in Ligourio


Byzantine monuments in Ligourio

Four byzantine monuments of great archaeological value in Ligourio: Agios Ioannis Eleimonas (St. John the Charitable), Panagitsa (The Church of the Assumption of Mary), Saint John the Theologian, Agia Marina.


The church of Agios Ioannis Eleimonas, a typical sample of the so called Helladic School of Byzantine architecture, is quite an exquisite temple of the 12th century, recently restored (2011-2012). The Church of the Assumption of Mary (Panagitsa), a significant edifice of the second Venetian domination period (1685-1715), is a Post-Byzantine temple richly illustrated with interesting murals. Saint John the Theologian is another picturesque temple between Ligourio and Palaia Epidaurus. It’s a temple of Byzantine art, of the cross-in-square type with dome, which took its current form from 1683 to 1715. According to local residents’ testimonies, in the previous century it was the catholicon (primary church) of a small monastery. Agia Marina, on the northwest of Ligourio, at the foot of Mount Arachnaio, is a Post-Byzantine temple with hagiographies (religious paintings), and, according to the inscription on its templon, it was completed in 1713.

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