Energy Triathlon Tolo


Organisateur: Energy Triathlon Tolo, Hellenic Triathlon Federation, Energy Races, CAREFULL, the athletic clubs N.O

Date de début: 01/10/2017

Date de fin: 01/10/2017

Energy Triathlon Tolo

The Organizing Committee of the Energy Triathlon Tolo, chaired by the Mayor of Nafplio Mr. Dimitris Kostouros, in collaboration with the Hellenic Triathlon Federation, the Energy Races,  the athletic clubs N.O Nafplio & K.O NAFPLIO "EVROS", announce the conduct of The Triathlon – Multisport, under the name of "Energy Triathlon Tolo", Sunday, October 1, 2017, which will take place in the center of Tolo and the routes within the Municipality of Nafplio


Saturday 30/09

16:00 to 20:00 Secretariat function opening

17:00 Technical briefing for Aquathlon

18:00 Technical briefing for Super Sprint Triathlon and KidsTriathlon

19:00 Technical briefing for the Olympic Distance Triathlon

Sunday 01/10

7:00 to 9:00   Secretariat function opening (PSILI AMMOS)

9:00 Launch of the Olympic Distance Triathlon

9:00 Launch of the Olympic Distance Triathlon Relay

9:00 Start of Aquathlon

10.00 Start of Super Sprint Triathlon

11.00 Start of  Kids Triathlon race

13:00 Awards

Delivery of the race material (bib number, etc chip)

 The Secretariat will receive the race material at 16.00-20.00 Saturday 30/09 and Sunday 1/10 from 7:00 until 30 minutes before the start of each event.

All participants will receive from the Secretariat, Timekeeping package that includes the necessary equipment of the race (timekeeping chip, swimming caps, and bib number) and sponsor’s gifts.

1) Olympic Triathlon race - Start 9:00

(1500m swim - 40km bike - 10km running) and Olympic Triathlon Relay (relay triathlon, 2 or 3 people)

Start & Finish: Tolo Argolida

Cycling Route: Roundabout Asini - District Street Tolo - Nafplio- roundabout Agia Eleousa - roundabouts agios andreanos - Roundabout Tiryns - intersection with Provincial road of Nafplion/ Corinth - reversal point before the second entry for Anyfi.

* For the cycling section, we clarify that the regulations of non-drafting are applied.





- General Men 18+ years

- General Women 18+ years

Age categories - Age Group

Men - Women up to 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 and over

Team / Relays (2 or 3 athletes)

Separately awarded Grades:

- Men's / mixed (groups of men or mixed men-women)

- Women (only women's teams)


2) Super Sprint Triathlon - Start 10:00

(300m swim - 10km bike - 2 km run)

Start & Finish: Tolo Argolida

Bike Route: Road over PSILI AMMOS  towards the provincial road of  Lefkakia - Tolo until the junction with Asine where you turn right and return to Tolo by road leading to Kastraki (3.5 km for 3 times)

Running Route: It will take place along the coastal road in Tolo (Bouboulinas & Sekeri)

*For the cycling section, we clarify that the regulations of drafting are allowed



- General Men 16+ years

- General Women 16+ years

- Children   A 14 to 15 years (born 2001-2002) and B Children 12 to 13 years (born 2003-2004)

-   Girls A  14 to 15 years (born 2001-2002) and B Girls 12 to 13 years (born 2003-2004)

3)   Kids Triathlon Race - Start 11:00

(150m swim - 4 km cycling - 1km running)


Start & Finish: Tolo Argolida

*For the cycling section, we clarify that the regulations of drafting are allowed.



- A boys 10-11 years (born 2005-2006) B boys 8-9 years (b. 2007-2008)

- A girls 10-11 years (born 2005-2006) B girls   8-9 years (b. 2007-2008)


4) Race Aquathlon - Start 9:00

(750m swim - 5 km run)

Start & Finish: Tolo Argolida



- General Men 16+ years

- General Women 16+ years


For Registration:

For on line registration please use the link

or on Saturday 30/09 register in person.  



The events will be held with the regulations of the International Triathlon Federation and the Greek Federation of Triathlon.


All athletes who finish within the time and in accordance with the regulations of the race will take at the end a commemorative medal.

The first three of the general classification will be awarded by medals as well as the first three of the age categories.

Traffic regulations

There will be no road ‘closures’ but only for short periods when athletes are transiting.

Please, all drivers to pay attention to the athletes during the triathlon races in order to avoid any accident.


Please everyone to support the Energy Triathlon Tolo and applaud the efforts of the athletes.


Prestations de service

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