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Church of Panagia Katakekrimmeni

Nestling in a forest on the hill of Larissa, where once stood a temple of Hera Akraia, the Church played its part in the events of the pro-revolutionary and revolutionary period. The most important among the holy relics are a ...


Church of the Assumption of Mary

Dating back to the 12th century, it is the oldest Byzantine monument of the city. The relics of St Peter were kept in the church up to 1421 and it is here that the revolutionists participating in the Fourth and ...


Church of Timios Prodromos

The pure Greek-orthodox physiognomy of the city’s modern history is apparent in the Church of Timios Prodromos, constructed in the 1820s. It was in this church yard that the First National Assembly began its sittings, which were concluded in Epidauros. ...



Just about 5 km on the southwest of Argos is the village Kefalari, populated with 600 inhabitants or more. It is worth visiting, not only because of its traditional Greek atmosphere that captures the visitor’s eye, but also because of the ...


Saint Constantine Church

An important temple of the 16th century. The city must have used the location where it stands for worship ever since the ancient times. There is a citation about the existence of a temple of Aphrodite Nikiforos (Victorious Aphrodite) on ...


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