Ancient Epidaurus

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Type:  Pebbles and sand with clear waters. Attracts many young people and is ideal for children.
Location: Located on the south side of Ancient Epidaurus, 2 km from the port.
Access: You can reach the beach by road, sea or ...


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Type:  Sandy beach with clear waters and stones. Ideal for a relaxing day at the beach.
Location: Located close to Gialasi beach and opposite Panagitsa beach.
Access: Can be reached by road, sea or on foot.
Facilities:  It offers a ...


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Type: Pebbles and sand with crystal clear waters. It is a quiet and remote little beach surrounded by greenery.
Location: Located next to Vagonia beach.
Access: Can be reached by sea or on foot by following the path ...


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Type: Sandy beach with clear waters and pebbles. It offers tranquility and pleasure.
Location: Located to the right of the port at the peninsula.
Access: Can be reached by road, sea or on foot.
Facilities: None. Make sure you ...


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Type: A unique and tranquil beach with pebbles and crystal clear waters.
Location: Near Gialasi beach, on the southern part.
Access: Can be reached by road or sea.
Facilities: Some straw parasols are available. Make sure you have all the ...


The Sunken City

In the shallow waters of ‘Kalymnios' beach, a small part of the ancient city has submerged. One could see the remnants in the waters either by boat or swimming. In some places the ancient breakwater is still preserved. It is ...


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Type: Surrounded by lush greenery, this beach, with its crystal blue waters, provides tranquility and relaxation.
Location : Located behind the church of St. Nicholas.
Access: It can be reached by road, sea or on foot as it is close to ...


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